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14 fun birthday party crafts

From flower crowns to superhero piggy banks, we've got awesome birthday party crafts to keep those little hands busy.

14 fun birthday party crafts

Best birthday craft ideas

Pipe cleaner crowns

All hail your little princess! Now she can feel like one too with these easy-to-make pipe cleaner crowns. She can have a topper similar to Elsa's, be the Queen of Hearts, or a Diamond Duchess. 

Make the craft here: Pipe cleaner crowns

14 fun birthday party craftsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Edible playdough

This craft is perfect for little ones who love sticking everything in their mouths. (I'm looking at you, glue-eating Tommy.) This edible, dye-free playdough can be made with ingredients you likely have on hand. Make it before the party and then set out cookie cutters and rolling pins on a craft table. Then the kids can get their dough on! 

Make the craft here: Edible playdough

14 fun birthday party craftsPhoto: Tony Lanz


Minecraft Pixel Pickaxe

Now your kid can have his own Minecraft pickaxe, and it's as easy as 1-2-Steve! First, print out a bunch of Pixel Pickaxe templates, then let the kids start crafting.

Make the craft here: Minecraft Pixel Pickaxe

14 fun birthday party crafts

Heart headbands

Some people like to wear their heart on their sleeve. But we prefer to wear our heart on our head! Find out how here: Heart headbands

14 fun birthday party crafts

Emoji ecklace

The kids will LOL while making these cool emoji necklaces. They can choose anything from the heart-eyed face to the laughing with tears one. It's simple and can be done in four easy steps!

Make the craft here: Emoji necklace

14 fun birthday party craftsPhoto: Tony Lanz


Mason jar superhero banks

This is the perfect craft for superhero lovers and money-savers. Just use some paint and old mason jars that you have hanging around for this fun DIY piggy bank. This is a craft that can easily adapt to any party theme, including Disney princesses, Minecraft or even a rainbow party!

Make the craft here: Mason jar superhero banks

14 fun birthday party craftsPhoto: Fireflies + Mud Pies

Painted rock magnets

Does your kid have a growing rock collection? Well, now you can put it to good use as a craft at his next birthday bash. This is a great two-in-one craft that involves painting and making magnets. Rock on! 

Make the craft here: Painted rock magnets

14 fun birthday party crafts


Make your kid's bash a musical one with this craft. Each drum is pretty easy to make, and everyone's will be unique and different. They can even personalize it if they want! Just a tip, you might need some earplugs, but at least your birthday kid will be happy!

Make the craft here: DIY drum

14 fun birthday party crafts


Braided accessories

These colourful braided accessories are fun to make and great to put in loot bags. Kids can experiment with new patterns and colour combinations. Let the creative juices start flowing!

Make the craft here: Braided accessories

14 fun birthday party crafts

Disco microphones

Your little disco diva and her friends can sing their hearts out at her stylish birthday with these easy DIY microphones. She can choose a disco ball, glitter or sequins to decorate her very own mic!

Make the craft here: Disco microphones

14 fun birthday party craftsPhoto: Erik Putz

Marbled eggs

These pretty marbled eggs don't have to be just for Easter. The kids can paint them to match a birthday theme, or turn them into their favourite characters (like red-and-blue for Spider Man). All you need are some eggs, food colouring and shaving cream. You might want to lay out a lot of newspaper—things might get messy!

Make the craft here: Marble eggs

14 fun birthday party craftsPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Cardboard race car

Calling all racers! This is the perfect group activity to keep kids busy (for a while, at least). They can make their own little racecar, and can participate in a race after they're finished making their vehicle.

Make the craft here: Cardboard race car

14 fun birthday party craftsPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Get ready for takeoff! This fun craft is great for an outer-space-themed party, and all of your little astronauts can make their own jetpack and soar through space (your living room) together.

Make the craft here: Jetpack

14 fun birthday party crafts

Flower crown

Hosting a fairy-themed party? Or just have a little flower-lover turning a year older. Then this is the craft for your little one! She'll be a true fairy princess and so will all of her friends with these sweet flower crowns. 

Get the craft here: Flower Crown

14 fun birthday party crafts


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This article was originally published on Apr 19, 2016

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