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Birthday party ideas: Outer space

Prepare to defy gravity with a bash that’ll launch your guests to new heights.


Three, two, one, blast off! Planning an awesome otherworldly adventure doesn’t have to be rocket science. Create a stunning solar system under your own roof using glow-in-the-dark star stickers, paper lanterns for planets and old CDs as sparkling constellations. You can also use spray paint and glitter to make your own moon rocks to scatter around.

As your space rangers arrive, give each of them a jetpack and an astronaut-in-training badge before sending them over to the cardboard rocket ship for a fun photo-op. Once their imaginations are fired up, play fun games like Musical Meteors (a twist on the classic musical chairs) and Moon Rock Relay (a simple obstacle course). Then turn on the music and let them try out some silly dance moves, like the Moon Walk.


When they’re ready to refuel, kids can nosh on Planetary Pizza; each guest can create their own on a pita with veggies and cheese cut into the shapes of stars, moons and planets with a cookie cutter (you can serve this cooked or uncooked). Don’t forget the Space Rocks (fruit salad), Mars Mud (pudding) and Milky Way milkshakes to wash it all down.


Launch pad:


Let kids cover paper-towel rolls with colourful paper; then make cones for the top and attach with glue. Have them create stands with cardboard and decorate their ships with markers and stickers.



Help kids make their very own jetpacks! Get the instructions here. >

Flying comets:


Make a comet for each guest by putting a foam ball into a sock. Make a bull’s eye on the floor and have kids aim for the smallest circle, which is worth the most points.

Asteroid alert:

Little explorers must keep the asteroids (balloons) afloat without letting them drop.




Download the invitation template. Cut out the Martian, spaceship and stars. Arrange the cut-outs and glue each one onto a piece of black cardstock. Write out the party details on each card.

A version of this article appeared in our October 2013 issue with the headline, "Outer space party" p. 28.

This article was originally published on Sep 23, 2013

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