10 Father's Day crafts for kids

They say handmade is best, and, well, when you have kids, crafts a no-brainer. Make Father's Day extra special with these sweet gifts.

10 Father's Day crafts for kids

Mason jar terrarium

Dad will love this mini garden adorned with his favourite little gnomes. Bonus: this may be the easiest craft you ever make. Get the instructions here.

three terrariums with little gnomes on topPhoto: Maggie Naylor

DIY beard oil

Go ahead, pamper your bearded buddy with this custom DIY beard oil. This craft requires buying a few ingredients, but because you’re a budding maker, you can use them for other projects. Get the instructions:

amber vials filled with DIY beard balmPhoto: Etsy Studio


Rad Dad mouse pad

Cheap and easy is the name of the game. You can easily find cork tiles at dollar stores, office supply stores or online. And if dad doesn’t want to use it as a mousepad, it still makes a rad bulletin board. Get the instructions here.

cork tile that reads

DIY gold metal

If you think pops is tops, make him a gold medal to wear. This craft uses an exacto knife, but you can adjust according to the age appropriateness of your crafter—construction paper and safety scissors are just as effective. Get the instructions:

gold metals that say Photo: And We Play

Duct-tape tray

If dad is always losing his keys or looking for a place for all that loose change, he’s really going to appreciate this gift. Get creative with the patterns and colours of your tape. Have you been to the craft store lately? The variety of duct tape is fascinating. Get the instructions here

Duct tape tray with wallet, keys and sunglasses inside


Fry guy

This printable makes for an adorable and unique Father’s Day card. You could also recreate it with coloured paper and markers. Get the instructions:

Paper dry carton with compliments written on the paper friesPhoto: Handmade Charlotte

Popsicle stick frame

Don’t let those amazing photos hide in a folder on your computer, print them out for display. Washi tape is a very forgiving to work with, so this craft is easy-peasy. Get the instructions here.

family photos in washi tape-covered popsicle stick framesPhoto: Tony Lanz

Felt pennant

Cheer dad on with this easy-to-make pennant. Customize it with his favourite colours. Get the instructions here.

felt basketball pennantPhoto: Roberto Caruso


Camera strap

This craft is a definitely more advanced, but if you’re up for the challenge, your snap-happy pops will be amazed. Get the instructions:

colourful DIY camera strapPhoto: Etsy Studio

Handprint keychain

Get ready for tears when you present this tiny little handprint keychain. It looks complicated but is surprisingly easy (and satisfying) to make. Get the instructions:

blue children's handprints on plastic hanging off keychainPhoto: Grey House Harbor via Easy
This article was originally published on Jun 03, 2020

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