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12 Hilarious Fart Books for Kids 2024

We’ve rounded up some scent-sational fart books that will make kids and parents giggle!

12 Hilarious Fart Books for Kids 2024

Looking to make a big, delightful stink with your kids? Good, because they'll get a total kick out of these utterly hilarious fart books for kids. Our list is loaded with books for toddlers, books for big kids and everyone in between.

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Hilarious fart books for kids 2024

Does The Queen Fart

Written by Heather Gordon and illustrated by Marko Rop, Rebel Rebel Press

Ages: 3-8

Does The Queen Fart book cover, books about farts Merchant

Valentine doesn’t see anything wrong with farting. Everyone passes wind, right? He eats healthy fruits and veggies and they make him gassy. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal but his mom doesn’t agree. When the Queen comes to town for a royal visit Valentine gets an answer for his big question: Does the Queen fart?


Animal Gas

Written and illustrated by Bryan Ballinger, Sterling children’s Books

Ages: 3-5

Animal Gas book, books about farts Merchant

It’s a universal truth that everything believes their farts don’t stink. Well, Animal Gas makes light of the real truth – everyone’s farts stink. Really bad.  Kids will love the funny fart content, mixed with its effortless rhyming, and by the end everyone reading will know their farts smell!

Fart Squad


Written by Seamus Pilger and illustrated by Stephen Gilpin, Harpercollins Publishers

Ages: 6-10

Fart Squad book, books about farts Merchant

There’s something strange going on in Buttzville. When Darren’s fart melts a desk and knocks out his whole class, he is mystified as to how it happened. But he’s not the only one who smelt it and dealt it. Darren and his fearless farting friends must find out who’s behind this evil plot. It’s up to the Fart Squad to save their classmates from this foul scheme.

Winchell Cuts the Cheese


Written by Taylor Lee and Peter Van Dijk and illustrated by Taylor Lee, Random House Children’s Books

Ages: 3-6

Winchell Cuts the Cheese book, books about farts Merchant

Winchell the pig keeps farting around the barnyard, and doesn’t excuse himself when his animal pals ask who cut the cheese! Join Winchell as he learns the polite way to handle passing gas.

Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder


Written by Jo Nesbø and illustrated by Mike Lowery, Aladdin

Ages: 8-12

Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder book, books about farts Merchant

When Nilly and Lisa get their hands on Doctor Proctor’s fart-inducing powder, they start selling it at school. They quickly become very popular, as students want to use the powder on other classmates. The pair even uses it to get their revenge on Truls and Trym who always tease Lisa. But the innocent fun doesn’t last long.

When the doctor creates an extra-strength powder that sends its users into outer space, the two friends must prevent the invention from falling into the wrong hands. Kids will love this first book in the funny bathroom humour-filled series.



Written and illustrated by Leslie Patricelli, Candlewick Press

Ages: 1-3

Toot book, books about farts Merchant

We all (dogs, cats and parents included) make funny noises when we pass gas. When babies fart, it sounds like a little train going Toot! Toot! This book will have wee readers cackling about certain silly sounds our bodies make.


Walter the Farting Dog

Written by Glenn Murray and William Kotzwinkle, illustrated by Audrey Colman, Frog Children’s Books

Ages: 5-9

Walter the Farting Dog book, books about farts Merchant

Billy and Betty love their dog Walter despite his gas problem. But Father decides it’s time to put an end to the stench and send him to the dog pound. Walter must prove he’s an important part of the family before it’s too late.


The Gas We Pass

Written by Shinta Cho, EDC Publishing

Ages: 3-5

The Gas We Pass The Story of Farts Book, books about farts Merchant

Why do our bodies make gas? Where is it produced? Why do we need to get rid of it? This book teaches kids all about how their bodies function and why we fart.


Farts: A Spotter’s Guide

Written by Crai S. Bower and illustrated by Travis Millard, Chronicle Books

Ages: 4-10

Farts A Spotter's Guide book, books about farts Merchant

Everyone furtively farts, but for those who want to identify the tooter, this guide will help you out.  Learn about the ten most common toots, from the insidious Silent-But-Deadly to the unpredictable One-That-Got-Away. You can hear each offender cut the cheese on the attached fart machine.


Farts Around The World

Written by August O’Phwinn and illustrated by Lisa Hanawalt, Chronicle Books

Ages: 4-10

Farts around the world book, books about farts Merchant

Learn about an array of international bodily emissions, from the Australian Thunder-Down-Under to the Parisian Roar de L’Amour. Make sure to listen to the collection of global flatulence on the built-in fart machine.

Jurassic Farts


Written by Ben Grossblatt and P.U. Rippley and illustrated by Evan Palmer, Chronicle Books

Ages: 4-10

Jurassic Farts A Spotter's Guide book, books about farts Merchant

What did a dinosaur fart sound like? With this humorous account of prehistoric flatulence, you’ll discover how the Ankylosaurus cut the cheese to defend himself, among other hilarious fart facts from the time before humans walked the Earth. Don’t forget to press the attached fart machine button for extra giggles.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants


Written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey, Scholastic Inc.

Ages: 7-10

The Adventures of Captain Underpants cover art, books about farts Merchant

George and Harold are in grade four and love drawing comics. One day, the amazing superhero they created, Captain Underpants, suddenly comes to life and a series of hilarious exploits ensue. Get ready for some underwear, farts and potty humour! Your little adventurer will love the first book in this epic series.

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This article was originally published on Nov 11, 2017

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