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How to throw a Minecraft party

Build up this celebration starting at square one. We’ll help you construct the rest.

By Emily Piccinin

Minecraft-Party-Celebrations-Todays-Parent-January2Turn your nook into the legendary land of pixelated playtime, where anything can be built and demolished (let’s hope it’s not your mother-in-law’s bone china). Start by using green sheets to dress your party table, and then top it with Minecraft snack boxes and Creeper favour bags, pop bottles, and homemade marshmallows. Use a cube-shaped cardboard box to make a Ghastbuster pinata. Cut out a tiny hole for the treats and paint the box white. Glue white streamers to the bottom of it and three black paper rectangles to one side of the box for the Ghastbuster’s eyes and mouth. Use grey paper squares for its tears. A small broom or baseball bat can be used to bust the pinata. As the Minecraft builders roll in, get them started on some mask decorating.   Minecraft-Party-Celebrations-Todays-Parent-January3 Have pre-cut squares of construction paper in various shades of green assembled in bowls. Hand each guest a cardboard box that has one side cut off (an opening for their heads) and rectangular eyes cut out. Ask them to glue the squares to their box to create their favourite character.  Finish with snacktime and serve up square-shaped sandwiches, blue jello cubes, brownies and puffed-rice squares! This is one serious block party.

PARTY FOOD Minecraft-Party-Celebrations-Todays-Parent-January10 Tissue-box snacks For your snacks, print out images of Minecraft characters or props on paper in the dimensions of square tissue boxes. Cut out the tops of your boxes, glue your printouts to the sides, and fill them up. Minecraft-Party-Celebrations-Todays-Parent-January8 Bottle Creepers Tear off the labels of green plastic pop bottles and glue small black squares to mimic the face of a green Creeper!

Squishy sweets Find our marshmallow recipe and the instructions to turn them into Creepers at


How to make a pixel pickaxe: Minecraft-Party-Celebrations-Todays-Parent-January4 1. You’ll need the Pixel Pickaxe template; cardboard; black, white and grey paper; a ruler; a glue stick and scissors. Minecraft-Party-Celebrations-Todays-Parent-January5 2. Trace the template onto cardboard and cut out the pickaxe. Cut the paper into half-inch squares to use as the pixels. Minecraft-Party-Celebrations-Todays-Parent-January6 3. Glue squares onto the cardboard to cover your Pixel Pickaxe. Minecraft-Party-Celebrations-Todays-Parent-January7 Ta-da! FAVOUR Minecraft-Party-Celebrations-Todays-Parent-January9 At your local craft store, pick up some green paper takeout containers, cut out small squares from black construction paper, and glue them onto the container to give them Creeper faces. Fill with green candies.

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This article was originally published on Jul 28, 2015