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Cupcake decorating ideas: Hockey

We’ve whipped up a month’s worth of decorating ideas for our 30th birthday, because we think every day calls for adorable desserts!

CUPCAKES11Warm up a Tootsie Roll for 5 to 7 seconds in the microwave and roll into a thin log. Bend the end of roll to make a hockey stick shape. Flatten stick slightly. Roll a piece of white taffy candy flat between two pieces of parchment. Cut into thin strips. Wrap strips around top and bottom of hockey stick handle. Cover cupcake with white glaze icing. Place hockey stick and black licorice gummy “puck” on top of cupcake.

Baby in hockey fan clothes sits in the crowd at a hockey game. Tune in to Scotiabank Hockey Day Feb 9Serve your yummy cupcakes during the Stanley Cup playoffs. Watch the games on Sportsnet.

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