6 Best Toothpaste Tablets to Try Now

You'll fall in love with easy-to-travel-with toothpaste tablets.

6 Best Toothpaste Tablets to Try Now


Let's face it — shopping for kids' toothpaste can feel overwhelming. There are color-changing ones, tons of flavors, and even toothpaste tablets that pass for candy!

These little tablets are gaining popularity, thanks to their quick and eco-friendly teeth-cleaning approach and changing how our little ones brush their teeth.

What are toothpaste tablets?

Dr. Liel Grinbaum, DMD from Smiles + Grins, says toothpaste tablets are a great alternative to the usual cream-based toothpaste. "These solid pods have similar ingredients containing abrasives, minerals, and fluoride," he tells Today's Parent.

"Unlike regular toothpaste, they are used by chewing or crushing them and mixing with water to form a foamy paste for brushing."

If you travel often, are eco-conscious or want to limit your toothpaste usage, toothpaste tablets are a good fit for you. However, Dr. Grinbaum points out some drawbacks. "Some of the potential negatives of toothpaste tablets can be an altered taste or texture from what you are used to," he says. "The starting cost of using tablets also tends to be higher than toothpaste."

What is the recommended age for using toothpaste tablets?

Dr. Grinbaum says toothpaste tablets are ideal for kids who can chew carefully without swallowing immediately. But, he does caution that young children (typically under three years old, though it varies based on their maturity) could choke on them. That's why he emphasizes the importance of adult supervision when kids are using tablet toothpaste.

What to look for in the best toothpaste tablets

When shopping for the best toothpaste tablets, Dr. Grinbaum suggests looking for toothpaste tablets with fluoride. The fluoride content prevents tooth decay and strengthens enamel.

Best toothpaste tablets 2024

Best overall

SuperBee Dentos Toothpaste Tablets

SuperBee Dentos Toothpaste Tablets, best toothpaste tablets Merchant

If you're getting into toothpaste tablets and need a simple option, check out these from SuperBee Dentos. They come in different sizes and are super convenient to carry — perfect for tossing in your purse or diaper bag!

These tablets aren't your average TSA-friendly find: they're equally effective in keeping your teeth and gums clean. Simply pop one in, chew away and watch as they foam up to give you that minty-fresh breath boost! Bonus: they're free from talc, palm oil, and any harsh chemicals that could irritate your teeth and gums.


  • Available in various sizes
  • Zero-waste alternative to ditch the toothpaste tube
  • Free from talc, palm oil, and harsh chemicals
  • Foams, cleans and freshens with spearmint for a premium oral care experience


  • Some reviewers dislike the flavor

Best budget

hello Kids Toothpaste Tablets Watermelon Flavor

hello Kids Toothpaste Tablets Watermelon Flavor, best toothpaste tablets Merchant

You don't have to spend a lot of money on quality toothpaste tablets — grab these watermelon ones for kids! For under $10, it's a great deal for your wallet and their dental care.


They're packed with natural watermelon goodness, free from SLS, and easy to carry around, making it a breeze for your little adventurers to maintain their bright smiles on the go. Plus, they're safe to swallow, so you don't need to panic if your child accidentally ingests one.


  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)-free
  • Natural watermelon flavor is one of the best-tasting toothpaste tablets for kids
  • Safe if swallowed
  • Great for traveling
  • Fluoride-free


  • Sodium bicarbonate formula requires chewing to use

Best for kids

Canary Strawberry + Kiwi Toothpaste Tablets

Canary Strawberry + Kiwi Toothpaste Tablets, best toothpaste tablets Merchant

If your kids are tired of the usual bubblegum, mint and chocolate toothpaste flavors, these strawberry-banana toothpaste tablets are the exciting change they need.

They're super easy to use — pop one in your mouth, give it a chew, and start brushing with a wet toothbrush! They're free from parabens, sulfates and aspartame, so you can rest easy knowing they're safe for your little ones.


  • Free from parabens, sulfates, and aspartame
  • Available in six unique styles/units
  • Child-friendly strawberry-kiwi flavor
  • Includes natural elderberry for immune support and coloring
  • Reduces plastic waste, with a longer shelf life than toothpaste


  • Some reviewers note less foam/froth than traditional toothpaste

Best flavor

Ecofam Kids Toothpaste Chewable Tablets

Ecofam Kids Toothpaste Chewable Tablets, best toothpaste tablets Merchant


With these toothpaste tablets available in seven unique choices, it's no wonder they top the best flavor category! But they're not just about taste — they're also free from artificial flavors, colors, peroxide, and SLS, and packed with enamel-building hydroxyapatite to support dental health.

Akin to other toothpaste tablets on our list, these are perfect if you're tired of dealing with toothpaste messes or spills in the bathroom.


  • Available in seven flavors
  • Free from artificial flavors, colors, peroxide, and SLS
  • Aids in preventing toothpaste mess with a compressed toothpaste powder formula
  • Contains hydroxyapatite for enamel building
  • Brushed teeth feel clean and smooth
  • Travel-friendly
  • Glass jar
  • Nano hydroxyapatite formula


  • Some reviewers find the tablets chalky and non-foamy

Best rated

Fresh Knight Plaque Disclosing Tablets

Fresh Knight Plaque Disclosing Tablets, best toothpaste tablets Merchant

Fresh Knight's toothpaste tablets are the top choice in our best-rated category, boasting a 4.1-star rating and glowing five-star reviews. These toothpaste tablets work to clean teeth effectively and serve as a visual aid for identifying plaque, making them a reviewer-approved tool for teaching children proper brushing habits.

Moonstone859, a verified Amazon customer, writes: "The dentist has been much happier and our dental bills have gone down a bunch. We've been using these for a while now and will continue using these toothpaste tabs until our daughter is a trooper at remembering to brush and can brush well enough on her own."


If you want to encourage thorough and extended brushing in your kids, these tablets are a valuable addition worth considering.


  • Effective visual aid for locating plaque
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Regular use prevents dental issues
  • Promotes thorough teeth brushing for children


  • Temporary staining on sink and tongue

Best whitening

hello Antiplaque + Whitening Toothpaste Tablets

hello Antiplaque + Whitening Toothpaste Tablets, best toothpaste tablets Merchant

What's the upgrade from just brushed teeth? Gleaming white teeth with a burst of mint, of course! We're big fans of these toothpaste tablets for that reason.

They don't just whiten; they cleanse using natural oils like tea tree and coconut and are free from harmful additives like dyes, sweeteners, SLS/sulfates, and parabens. Plus, they're presented in a reusable, plastic-free tin, ready to accompany you wherever you go.

Many reviewers have raved about how these are mess-free tablets. MS, a verified Amazon customer, writes: "Do you children smear toothpaste all over the known world? Avoiding that mess is worth the price of these little ditties."


  • Refreshing peppermint, tea tree oil, and coconut oil blend
  • Tin: Reusable, Plastic-Free
  • Free from dyes, artificial sweeteners, SLS/sulfates, and parabens
  • No toothpaste mess or waste
  • Helps prevent cavities, removes plaque and surface stains
  • American Dental Association (ADA) approved brand


  • Gritty texture can irritate sensitive gums


  • Dr. Liel Grinbaum, DMD, a pediatric dentist from Smiles + Grins, a dental practice in New York City

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