8 kids’ movies and shows coming to Netflix Canada this January 2018

Every month, Netflix Canada adds family-friendly shows and movies for your kids to stream. Here's what's coming up in January 2018.

8 kids’ movies and shows coming to Netflix Canada this January 2018

Photo: Netflix

New year, new titles for your kids to enjoy! Netflix Canada is adding eight new kids' shows and movies to its roster in January 2018. Here's what's coming up.

But first, a quick note: The age recommendations offered below are approximate. Every kid is different—you're the best judge of what's appropriate and what your kid can handle.

Cars 3 Best for: Ages 5+ Sleek female race car Cruz Ramirez helps old-time champion Lightning McQueen make a comeback as he faces a new generation of high-tech racers. Available Jan. 31.

Promo image for Open Season Scared Silly. shows a bear and deer scared of a puppy in a sweater Photo: Netflix

Open Season: Scared Silly Best for: Ages 5+ When a spooky werewolf tales scares Boog out of joining the annual camping trip, his friends hatch a plan to cure him of his fear. Available Jan. 1.

Promo image for the show Splash and Bubbles, shows two fish with wide smiles Photo: Netflix


Splash and Bubbles (season 1) Best for: Ages 3+ Curious pals Splash, Bubbles, Dunk and Ripple have fun exploring new places, making new friends and learning all about their amazing ocean home. Available Jan. 1.

Promo image for the fifth Pirates of the Carribbean film. Shows Captian Jack Sparrow surrounded by other characters under water Photo: Netflix

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Best for: Ages 10+ Captain Jack Sparrow finds himself in hot water when Salazar escapes the Devil’s Triangle and makes it his mission to obliterate every pirate at sea. Available Jan. 2.

Promo image for Trolls: The beat goes on. Shows poppy and branch sitting at a table reading books. Photo: Netflix

Trolls: The Beat Goes On! (season 1) Best for: Ages 5+ Picking up where the film left off, Poppy and all the fun-loving Trolls adjust to living with their Bergen neighbors in this colorful animated series. Available Jan. 19.

Image from Llama Llama, shows a llama and a yak leaning on a tree eating popsicles Photo: Netflix

Llama Llama (season 1) Best for: Ages 3+ Llama, his family and his good friends have heart-warming adventures in a safe, friendly town. An animated show based on the award-winning books. Available Jan. 26.

Promo image for the Adventures of Puss in Boots, Shows Puss standing with a girl cat at night time Photo: Netflix

The Adventures of Puss in Boots (season 6) Best for: Ages 6+ The world's greatest swashbuckling kitty returns, taking on any daring adventure and every glass of milk in this family-friendly original series. Available Jan. 26.

Promo Image for Camp Cool Kids. shows a group of kids standing in a canoes Photo: Netflix


Camp Cool Kids Best for: Ages 5+ Encouraged by his quirky grandfather, a young boy faces his fears at summer camp. Note: This squeaky-clean family film features faith-based themes. Available Jan. 1.

Promo poster for Star Wars the Force Awakens Photo: Netflix

SAY GOODBYE... Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but two movies your kids might love will be rotating off the service in January. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be removed from Netflix on Jan. 14, and 101 Dalmations will leave Netflix on Jan.15.

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