How to play dreidel at Hanukkah

Learn how to play this classic Hanukkah game in four quick and easy steps.

Playing dreidel is a traditional game for kids and adults to play at Hanukkah. But other than just spinning it, how do you actually play? Follow these step by step instructions to learn how to play dreidel.


1. Give each player an equal amount of tokens (10 to 15) to start. You can use coins, nuts, buttons or any small object. As many people can participate as you’d like. Kids, adults—anyone!

2. Each player places one game piece in a pot in the middle of the circle.

3. One player spins the dreidel and completes the action determined by the word she lands on (see above), then the dreidel is passed to the next player to do the same.

4. The winner is the person who collects every single token.