How to keep kids from losing mittens and toques

The perfect solution for kids who always seem to misplace their winter accessories.

What you’ll need: extra large suspenders.

Illustration of a red winter jacket with suspenders

Illustration: Grace Cho

1. Unzip her jacket and lay it flat on the table. Lay the suspenders flat inside the coat, with the shorter strap facing up.

Illustration of a red winter jacket and a blue mitten held by a suspender

Illustration: Grace Cho

2. Thread the two longer straps through each arm until the clips appear in the cuffs. Attach each mitten or glove to the suspender clip.

Illustration of a blue toque being held onto a red winter jacket by suspenders

Illustration: Grace Cho

3. Thread the shorter strap through the loop near the hood area to attach the toque.

A version of this article appeared in our December 2015 issue with the headline, “How to keep kids from losing mittens and toques,” p. 38.

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