Here's how to clean fresh pee

Maybe it's the couch, their mattress or that brand new rug that really ties the room together. Anyway, it's now wet with your not-quite-potty-trained kid's pee. After you've sopped up the wetness with some paper towels, try this three-step process to get the smell out.

Here's how to clean fresh pee

Illustration: Emily Beaton

How to clean fresh pee

Step 1

Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle. Spritz and let sit for a few hours. 

Illustration of water being sprayed on a stainIllustration: Emily Beaton

Step 2

Mix baking powder with water to form a thick paste, and then spread it over the stain. 

Illustration of baking soda and water being poured into a bowlIllustration: Emily Beaton


Step 3

Once the paste is dry, vacuum up the excess powder. Peace out, nasty pee smell. 

illustration of a vacuum on red carpet with words 'buh-bye, pee smell'Illustration: Emily Beaton

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