3 hotel hacks to make family travel easier

These clever hacks will make family travel less of a nightmare.

By Amy Valm

illustration of towels rolled up on bed Illustration: Sarah Rafter

1. If you’re worried your preschooler could fall off the high hotel room bed, roll up some towels and place them under the edge of the fitted sheet to create a barrier.

illustration of a clothing hanger pinching curtains Illustration: Sarah Rafter

2. Look in the closet for skirt hangers (call down to housekeeping if you can’t find any) and use them to pin together those never-seem-to-fully-close drapes. A perfect naptime trick.

illustration of a toilet illustration: Sarah Rafter

3. Stash a roll of duct or packing tape in your suitcase for on-the-fly babyproofing. Place a piece over each electrical outlet and even on the toilet to hold the lid down.