3 great Halloween costume shops in Winnipeg

If finding a Halloween costume is on your to-do list, be sure to check out these awesome costume shops.

whoos-that Photo: Elly Sotas of Whooo's That?

1. Whooo's That?  As if the Halloween season wasn't fun enough already, this totally awesome renovated barn (that's almost 100 years old!) houses thousands of costumes in all shapes and sizes, many of them hand-sewn by owner Elly Sotas. Although the barn is a few hours outside Winnipeg, shoppers can place custom orders that can be shipped anywhere in Canada. But we think it's totally worth the trek!

Birtle, Manitoba, 1-204-842-3616

Photo: Party Stuff Photo: Party Stuff

2. Party Stuff With three locations across the city, Winnipeg's "home of Halloween" has more than 600 hats and wigs, plus thousands of accessories (perfect for DIYers looking to embellish their handiwork). The store is fully stocked with a wide range of costumes for kids and adults. Looking for the perfect getup for your toddler? There's a large selection of character costumes, including Yoda, Pikachu and Olaf from Frozen. Shoppers will find plenty of prepackaged gear for little kids, teens and adults.

Three locations, 1-800-265-7368

3. Gags Unlimited As the name suggests, this shop—one of the oldest in the province with the largest selection of decorative contact lenses, shoes, wigs, makeup and hats—is your one-stop spot for spooky (life-sized zombie, anyone?), creepy and funny gag items. While it mostly stocks adult costumes, kids' gear can be specially ordered.


209 Osborne St., 204-453-0133

This article was originally published on Sep 21, 2015

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