10 fun Halloween activities for kids

Sure, trick-or-treating and movies marathons are great, but these activities will truly get your little ghouls into the Halloween spirit.

10 fun Halloween activities for kids

Fun Halloween activities for kids

Witch's hat ring toss

Gather all your little witches and wizards for a fun game of ring toss—Halloween style! Want to make the game more challenging? Make each colour represent a different number of points.

The cardboard is easy enough to source, but if you need the tossing rings they're cheap and ship fast here.

Get the instructions here: Sometimes Creative

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: Courtesy of Sometimes Creative via Pinterest

Pin the spider on the web

Forget pinning the tail on the donkey, it's time to get spooky and pin the spider on the web! Use free web printables to create the poster or create one yourself with black masking tape. Don't forget to have a blindfold on hand before playing!

It's a fun way to warm up before or after trick-or-treating.

Get the instructions here: Ella Claire

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: Courtesy of Ella Claire via Pinterest


Bubbling potion

Has your kid always wanted to brew potions like in Harry Potter? Now is her chance! Buy tiny cauldrons from your local dollar store and concoct this simple vinegar, baking soda and food colouring experiment. It's an easy Halloween activity that totally counts as one of the coolest science experiments for kids.

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: Courtesy of One Perfect Day via Pinterest

Hide and seek—bottle style

Toddlers will love looking for tiny, hidden Halloween treasures in these shakable bottles. Use different sizes of bottles to make the game more challenging.

Add in cheap, cute items and sensory essentials to get the experience:

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: CourtesyOf Learning and Nesting via Pinterest

Spider web walking Halloween game

Now here's a game your little creepy-crawly won't find so spooky. Not only is this game super easy to set up, but he'll have tons of fun while building his gross motor skills. We love this one in toddler Halloween pajamas or full-on toddler Halloween costumes. The choice is yours!

Get the instructions here: No Time For Flash Cards

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: Courtesy of No Time For Flash Cards


Pumpkin bowling

Strike! Your pumpkins will thank you for this DIY bowling alley. The best part? All you need is a pack of toilet paper, a permanent marker and a gourd. This one is pretty easy to figure out and extremely low budget—we love that!

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: Courtesy of I Dig Pinterest via Pinterest

Spider races

Get two kiddos to face off in this spider race challenge. This game is great for toddlers and little ones who can still benefit from oral sensory activities.

Get the little plastic spider toys here.

Get the instructions here: Still Playing School

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: Courtesy of Still Playing School via Pinterest

Ice play

There's nothing more satisfying than watching something melt—especially when there's a treasure inside! That's why your tot will love playing with these ice cubes that have been frozen with tiny plastic spiders inside of them. If spooky-scary things aren't your speed, consider throwing toy candy corn in rather than spiders.

Finish the day with scary stories, a good animated movie, Halloween treats and hot cocoa (if they're old enough).

Get the instructions here: Pink Oatmeal

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: Courtesy of Pink Oatmeal via Pinterest


Bat slime

If your kid's into anything slimey and gooey, she'll definitely love making her own bat slime! Just make sure to use liquid starch not borax to make your goo. Or try the slime recipe of your choice, just make sure you have plenty of soap on hand for after. Things are bound to get a little messy.

Get the instructions here: Little Bins for Little Hands

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: Little Bins for Little Hnads

Halloween treasure hunt

Want to keep the kids entertained for hours? You can't go wrong with an awesome treasure hunt! This one lets you choose where to hide the clues. It's easy to pull off this free printable Halloween activity indoors, at the pumpkin patch, corn maze or in a school classroom.

If you're trying this one out in school, follow up with pumpkin-counting math activities and relay races designed to get their mental (and physical) energy going.

Get the instructions here: Imagination Soup

10 fun Halloween activities for kids Photo: Courtesy of Imagination Soup via Pinterest

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This article was originally published on Sep 15, 2016

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