3 fun beach activities for kids

“I’m bored” isn’t something you’d expect to hear halfway through a day at the beach, but building sandcastles and digging holes can get old after a while. Here are some other beach games to try.

1. Memory challenge

Collect beach objects—rocks, shells, toys—and arrange them on top of a towel. Let the kids look at them for a minute, then cover them up and see who can remember the most objects.

2. Towel jump

This game is just like musical chairs—but with towels. Play kid-friendly music on your smartphone, and instead of sitting when the music stops, kids need to lie down as if they’re sunbathing (don’t forget the sunscreen!).

3. Sand skeeball

Dig 10 holes in the shape of a triangle. Have kids stand a metre from the bottom row and try to roll a tennis ball across the sand into the holes. Assign point values to each hole and keep score.

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