Face painting tutorial: Transform your kid into a dog

With a makeup sponge and face paint, your little dog will be begging for treats.

You’ll need: Brown eyeliner; makeup sponge; white, brown, black, red and pink face paint; paint brushes.

1. Using brown eyeliner, sketch out shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Draw jagged ovals around the eyes. The lines can be messy—because dogs are fluffy, you don’t have to make it symmetrical. Then, sketch out the nose: a loose heart shape on the tip of your kid’s nose. For the mouth, add lines down from the edges of the mouth, and a shape for the tongue.

2. Using a makeup sponge and white face paint, fill in all around your outline right up to the hairline. Use a paintbrush for the places where you need to be more precise. Dab on a second coat.

3. With a wet brush, dip into brown makeup. Have the child close their eyes and fill in eye area with wispy brushstrokes—don’t overload your brush. Start at the outline and then fill in the entire eye socket. Let that dry for a minute or two. Then, have the child look up and carefully brush face paint under the eyes.

4. Then, fill in the nose shape with black face paint. Using a fine brush, create the corners of the mouth and the outline of the tongue.

5. Dab more white face paint around the mouth. Using red face paint (lipstick also works), fill in the tongue.


6. To create a furry look, rip apart a makeup sponge—you’ll use it to create some spots. Dip the sponge into black face paint and then dab onto the face in a few places. It’s up to you as to how dark or light to make the spots.

7. Add ears. Your dog is ready for its walk!

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