Everything you need to know about Apple and your kids is now in one place

The new Families section of Apple's website helps parents get more from their products and better understand how to keep their kids safe.

Quietly, behind the scenes, Apple—the makers of the iPad that your kid might be using at this very moment—has long been developing ways to make its products more fun, more educational and safer for the kids who use them. Parental controls have been an iOS feature for a decade, for example, and parents have been able to to create an Apple ID for their kids under age 13 for a while now, too.

But as a parent, where do you go to discover all the family-friendly features of your Apple devices? How do you find resources on how to actually use them? They’ve always been online, but now Apple has made it easier for parents to find everything in one place with the launch of the Families section of

In a clear and easy-to-read way, the site helps you discover and learn more about things like tracking in-app purchases, keeping your child’s online activities private, and how to set up a family group chat Messages.

Some of the things you learn how to do via the new Families page:

When it comes to your devices, sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Apple wants its family customers to get the most out of its products—you already own them, so why not?—and this new webpage helps.

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