Netflix is adding two new parental control features to make safe watching easier

Netflix is making it easier for parents to monitor their child's content—another way to avoid mature questions and sassy behaviour.

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Thanks to Netflix, your kids can watch their favourite shows while you sneak in some quiet time—but do you ever worry about what your kid is watching?

Netflix knows parents worry, so it’s adding features to make the service more family-friendly. In the coming months, parents will be able to better monitor and take control of what their children are watching.

You can already use a PIN protection option to hide all content at a particular maturity level from your children (and if you aren’t using this feature already, you totally should be). But now, Netflix will allow the option for parents to lock specific shows or movies. So, for example, if your seven-year-old superhero-loving kid keeps eyeing the PG-13 The Amazing Spider-Man movie, you can put a PIN on it so he’ll never be able to turn it on when you’re not paying attention.

Netflix is also making the maturity-level rating for all content much clearer. While maturity levels are already displayed in other parts of the website, members will soon be able to see more information once they hit play on a title. This should help your kid from developing some sassy behaviour beyond their years (because let’s face it, when your four-year-old hits you with, “Whatever, mom,” you know they got that from a show for older kids, right?).

The new features should make it easier for parents to filter out content they don’t want their children to be watching—and every little bit helps, right?

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