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10 cute things to put in an Easter egg that aren't candy

Sometimes chocolate candies are just way too much. Go sugar-free (or try a mix of both) with these sweet Easter gifts that fit in a plastic egg.

10 cute things to put in an Easter egg that aren't candy

easter egg gifts

Mood ring

A sweet mood ring is a fun throwback gift. $4,

box full of mood ringsPhoto: Mastermind Toys

Enamel pins

Buy a multi-pack and spread them out between different eggs. Look for cool patches to decorate denim jackets, too. $8,

tropical pinsPhoto: Ardene


Cool socks

Who doesn’t love a fun pair of socks? Roll each sock up and spread them out between two eggs depending on your kid’s foot size. These graphic ones come patterened with treats, unicorns, monkeys and other fun prints. $10,

cat socksPhoto: Mastermind Toys

Lego minifigure

A minifig is the perfect size for tucking into a plastic egg. We’re all about these baseball figures. Go Jays! $15,

lego mini figure of baseball playerPhoto: Mastermind Toys

Lip Smackers

The classic lip balm is available in an array of yummy flavours. If you’ve got a more mellow kid, a stick of Blistex works, too. $5 for a tin of four,

tin of lip glossPhoto: Walmart


Bunny earrings

A pair of pretty spring earrings (clip-on or posts) are a fun surprise to find in an egg. $6,

two silver bunny earringsPhoto: Claire's

Mini cars

At just $2 a pop, these bitty cars will keep bringing the fun long after the egg hunt is over. $2 each,

assorted dinky carsPhoto: Mastermind Toys


Because they make all the boo-boos feel better. Pick up a box of your child’s fave character or series. $5,

Box of Paw Patrol band-aidsPhoto: Walmart


Temporary tattoos

Cut out individual tattoos from a sheet to burrow inside eggs. We love this old-school pack. $22, drakegeneralstore.c

10 cute things to put in an Easter egg that aren't candyPhoto: Drake General Store


A cute eraser goes a long way, and these Beanie Boos are no exception. You could visit your local dollar store for a cute selection, too. $5 for a pack of six,

10 cute things to put in an Easter egg that aren't candyPhoto: Mastermind Toys

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This article was originally published on Apr 10, 2017

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