7 best wedding shows and movies on Netflix Canada

Whether you're up in the middle of the night breastfeeding or need something to watch after the kids go to bed, we've rounded up the best wedding picks on Netflix Canada. Get ready to say "I do."

7 best wedding shows and movies on Netflix Canada

Photo: Netflix

1. The Vow Because you’ve already seen The Notebook a million times, this equally sappy (and yet soooooo good) romance stars Rachel McAdams as a woman who gets into an accident and forgets the last five years of her life—including her wedding and her extremely buff husband (One of our favourite celeb dads, Channing Tatum).

2. Bride and Prejudice Classic Brit Lit meets Bollywood in this adaptation of the Jane Austin classic. Think bright saris instead of dowdy English petticoats, singing and dancing instead of hanging around in damp drawing rooms and a scene in which Mr. Darcy must shake his booty to impress the in-laws.

Promo image for Nailed It showing two women putting fondant on a cake Photo: Netflix

3. Nailed It This Netflix reality baking show pokes fun at the often painful disparity between the beautiful confections we see on Pinterest and the way things turn out in real life. In episode one, contestants struggle to create a wedding-worthy cake.

4. Table 19 After getting dumped by the bride’s brother before her best friend’s wedding, Elouise (Anna Kendrick) is relegated to the rejects’ table. But then—wait—who is this hunky stranger? And maybe being a reject isn’t so bad. This movie is basically Revenge of the Nerds at a wedding … which sounds pretty perfect.

5. Beauty and the Beast This tale as old as time isn’t technically a wedding movie, but there’s a big poufy dress, a super-romantic slow dance and a guy who cleans up real good. Plus, in the new live action movie, Emma Watson’s Belle is a feminist just like a certain future royal.

Promo image for A Christmas Prince showing a princess and princess walking down stairs at a ball Photo: Netflix

6. A Christmas Prince ’Tis not quite the season, and yet, this cheese-fest about a plucky young American journalist who falls for a prince is a spot-on pre-wedding guilty pleasure. Imagine The Crown if The Crown were less a prestige drama and more a schmaltzy Hallmark movie. (As a Vulture review puts it: “The Christmas Prince is Total Garbage, But You’ll Love It Anyway”).

7. Friends (Wedding marathon) Over 10 seasons, the Central Perk gang went through a lot together, including enough wedding drama to form a full-on mini marathon: There’s the first ever episode where Rachel joins the gang as a runaway bride (S1, E1); Carol and Susan’s wedding where Pheobe is possessed by an old lady (S2, E11); the one where Rachel sings “Copacabana” in a bubble gum bridesmaid’s dress (S2, E24); Ross and Rachel’s drunken night in Vegas (S5, E24); Phoebe and Mike’s winter wonderland (S10, E12); Chandler and Monica (S7, E23), and finally, THE ONE WHERE ROSS SAYS THE WRONG NAME!! (S5, E1).

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