Best sports apps for the whole family

Is your family addicted to sports? We’ve rounded up our favourite sports apps that your whole team is sure to love!

Best sports apps for the whole family

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Best sports apps for families

Sportsnet Now (SNN)

This multi-sport app houses all your favourite teams under one roof, allowing you and your family to stream your sports without a cable subscription. Just download the Sportsnet app onto any of your devices and get access to all the action at home or on the go! SN Now also streams local teams so you can keep up with your hometown heroes without breaking a sweat. Missed the big game? No worries! This app’s got your back with its Video on Demand feature that lets you watch past Sportsnet shows or re-watch any game with its 24-hour look-back function. With split-screen viewing, you can see for yourself how SN Now revolutionizes the sports-watching experience. For more information, check out

Platform: iOSAndriod, $19.99/month

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Life can get busy, and keeping up with all your kids’ teams can sometimes start to feel like a full-time job. TeamPages helps to take some of the pressure off and keeps your life organized with features like interactive maps and schedules so you’re never late for a game, contact information for the other players, parents and coaches, and the ability to upload videos so family members who couldn’t make it can still witness that winning goal.  

Platform: iOS, Android, Free (basic package)

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Hockey Goal Horns

Are you a proud hockey parent? Whip out this app the next time your little superstar scores a goal! Hockey Goal Horns lets you play the goal horns and songs from your favourite teams. You can even create a personalized goal horn to announce the greatness that is your offspring. The app’s additional features include hockey training videos and downloadable ringtones.

Platform: iOS, $1.39

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For families who love to play, Scoreboard is a great way to keep score. Choose from one of the app’s five different themes, turn on the game countdown timer and let the fun begin. No more arguments over who actually won—just tap your team to add a point, or swipe down to take a point away. May the best team win!

Platform: iOS, Android, Free

image from scoreboard app on google playImage via Google Play

Rogers NHL Live

Got a household of hockey fanatics? Download the NHL app, purchase a subscription and enjoy over 1,000 games in HD quality without a cable subscription. Rogers NHL Live allows you to watch every national and out-of-market game in the regular season, plus every single game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Compatible with any phone, tablet or desktop, as well as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku, Rogers NHL Live makes sure your family of hardcore hockey fans never miss a second of their favourite sport.

Platform: iOS, Android, $29.99/month

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Perfect for busy families on the go, BreakingSports keeps the hunger for sports fed with up-to-the-second alerts on the latest news, scores and stats (including pre-season and post) for all your favourite teams and players. Between school, work and practices, sometimes you just can’t sit down to enjoy the game. However, with this app it’s easy to feel like you’re there, with real-time updates on injuries, great plays and video highlight reels. With this app, you’ll never miss a thing.

Platform: iOS, Android, Free

Breakingsports app from google playImages via Google Play


This app allows your family to keep up with–and collect–all their favourite sports magazines in one, convenient place (that’s not your coffee table). Read articles from past and current issues of ESPN or Sports Illustrated Kids across five different devices–perfect for family sharing. Your collection of magazines can also be read offline, so it’s great for keeping everyone entertained on those long drives to away-games! 

Platform: iOS, Android, starting at $9.99/month

stills from Texture appImages via Google Play

Hockey Card Maker

Make your little one feel like a pro with this great hockey card creating app. Design your own player cards, complete with photos, stats, position and team name and share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You can also order a pack to send to friends and family, or make a T-shirt or fridge magnet!  
Platform: iOS, $1.99 (in-app purchases required)

the hockey card maker appImage via The App Store

Between practicing, playing, watching and obsessing, it can be tough to keep up with your family’s addiction to sports.

Good news—there’s an app for that! From streaming any game anywhere to creating your own hockey cards, we’ve collected some of our favourite sports apps for you and your team.

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This article was originally published on Jan 24, 2019

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