Keeping your kid in sports begins with the car ride home

A professional hockey coach reveals how parents can stop their kids from quitting sports.

Keeping your kid in sports begins with the car ride home

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Think of the last time you drove your kid home from her sports game or practice. What did you say to her? Did you offer her pointers on how to improve her game? You obviously meant well, but your kid may have taken your tips as criticism. That's why one professional hockey coach is encouraging parents to rethink what they say during the car ride home.

Brad Frost, Head Coach for the University of Minnesota Women's Ice Hockey, says many kids are quitting sports because they dread the car ride home after practice. In a video for Positive Coaching Alliance, Frost says during the car ride home, parents tend to inadvertently put too much pressure on their kids. If your kid plays house league, you might tell him that the ultimate goal is to go play rep. Or you might critique his moves and offer tips on how he can improve. Frost recommends parents avoid doing this.

In the video, Frost points out that it's more important to enjoy that time after practice. Chat about the great moments during the game. Go get a celebratory snack. Or just blast some music and dance out the adrenaline from the game.

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This article was originally published on Feb 07, 2017

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