Baby carrier costume: Spider

This creepy crawly costume uses supplies you likely already have on hand, and it's no-sew!

You’ll need
purple fleece
glue gun
purple infant clothing
white long-sleeved adult T-shirt
black long-sleeved adult T-shirt

For the spider
Fold purple fleece in half and draw the body shape of the spider. Cut out 2 pieces. Draw 6 legs on cardboard and cut out (the baby’s legs will act as the spider’s seventh and eighth legs). Wrap cardboard tightly with purple fleece and secure with glue. Place the legs on top of the bottom body piece and fasten with glue. Lay the other body shape on top and glue edges of body pieces together, leaving a 5-in. opening. Fill with stuffing and glue shut. Cut spider fang shapes (“chelicerae” for budding entomologists) out of cardboard. Wrap with purple fleece and fasten with glue. Cut a 1½-in.-wide band of fleece, large enough to fit your baby’s head, and add Velcro to the ends. Attach the chelicerae to the front of band. Dress your baby
in purple clothing.

For the web
Turn the white T-shirt inside out. Using a marker, trace oblong circles in a web-like pattern. Cut out the shapes. Wear the webbed white shirt over the black shirt. Attach the spider to the front of the carrier before putting it on.

A version of this article appeared in our October 2015 issue with the headline “Double the fun,” p. 90-5.

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