Baby carrier costume: Rainbow

Look forward to bright days ahead with this sweet rainbow getup.

You’ll need
fuzzy hooded one-piece
felt in white, peach, dark pink and pale pink
glue gun
silver string
cotton in rainbow colours
white and blue adult clothing

For the unicorn
To make the horn, cut a triangle out of peach felt, and then cut off ½ in. from the top corner. Pinching the top, roll triangle into cone shape and glue. Add stuffing. Trim the bottom so the cone can stand flat, and glue on a circle of felt for the bottom. Glue silver string to top of horn and wrap around, gluing as you go. Pin horn to hood of one-piece. To make the ears, cut two different shades of pink felt into pointed oval shapes, making one set slightly smaller than the other. Glue the smaller ovals onto the larger. Pinch one end and glue. Pin ears to hood. 

For the rainbow and cumulus
For the cloud, fold a large piece of white felt in half, and then draw and cut out a fluffy shape (about 20 in. by 17 in.). Glue edges of two pieces together, leaving a 5-in. opening. Fill with stuffing, then close up with glue. To make your double rainbow, cut 1 1/2-in.-wide by 36-in.-long strips of cotton (in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple). Fold 1/2 in. on each side to create a straight edge, and glue onto a long piece of white felt. Once dry, trim the white felt.

A version of this article appeared in our October 2015 issue with the headline “Double the fun,” p. 90-5.

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