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9 creative indoor forts

Living room forts are the stuff amazing childhood memories are made of.

By Hannah Terry-Whyte
9 creative indoor forts

An indoor fort for every family

Round up your blankets, sheets and cardboard boxes, we've got the blueprints for the perfect indoor fort for your kids.

Get a load of these awesome DIY creations!

9 creative indoor forts Photo: Built by Kids

Easy fort with lights

Lights, fort, action!

We love this idea of adding twinkling lights to a simple fort made with string, sheets and clothespins. Who wouldn't want a fort that glows?

Get the instructions here: Art Bar

9 creative indoor forts Photo: Art Bar Blog


Newspaper fort

With nothing more than newspaper and tape (or a stapler handled by Mom or Dad), kids can create a newspaper fort that is both fun to play in and worthy of an architecture award.

Get the instructions here: Modern Parents Messy Kids and All For The Boys

9 creative indoor forts Photo: Modern Parents Messy Kids and All For The Boys

Fort kit

Got a fort-loving kid's birthday coming up? We have the perfect gift idea!

Put together this fort kit, complete with glow sticks, and you'll see faces light up in more ways than one.

Get the list of supplies at meg + andy

Get the instructions at saltwater-kids

9 creative indoor forts Photo: meg + andy


All you need is three tension rods and a piece of fabric to turn any hallway or doorway into a fort.

Just make sure you don't build your hallway-house at the entrance to the kitchen if it's almost dinner time.

Get instructions here: ikatbag

9 creative indoor forts Photo: ikatbag


Tablecloth play house

Tea parties are even more fun when they take place underneath the table instead of above it.

9 creative indoor forts Photo: Kids Decor


For all you sewing devotees out there, check out this homemade teepee!

Thankfully, because it's an indoor teepee, your kids won't have to worry about any bison wandering past in the night!

Get the instructions here: Smile and Wave

9 creative indoor forts Photo: Smile and Wave

Cardboard castle

This cardboard castle seems a world away from the forts made of cushions we played in as children, but it's pretty easy to put together.

We think this would be perfect for your little kings and queens. Don't you?

Get the instructions here: Built by Kids

9 creative indoor forts Photo: Built by Kids


A-frame tent

By simply changing the fabric on this A-frame tent, you can customize the fort so your polka-dot-obsessed toddler will be extra pleased during playtime.

Get the instructions here: Grosgrain Fabulous

9 creative indoor forts Photo: Grosgrain Fabulous

Blanket and pillow fort

The original!

Sometimes all you need are the basics (blankets and pillows) to create a cozy fort for little ones.

9 creative indoor forts Photo: Mark Lund

Craft ideas using recyclables

9 creative indoor forts Photo: kate_sept2004/iStockphoto
This article was originally published on Sep 29, 2015

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