10 March break activity ideas (that won't break the bank!)

Struggling to find activities to keep the tots entertained? Search no more.

By Natalie Locke Milne
10 March break activity ideas (that won't break the bank!)

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1. Get wet. Host a pool party at your community pool. A morning of splashing followed by a session of make-your-own pizzas will keep the clan and their friends happily amused.

2. Go wild. Bundle up and head to the local zoo for a day filled with furry creatures and slithering reptiles. The fresh air will do a world of good after being cooped up all winter.

3. Be amused. Attend a matinee of a family-friendly movie, play or ballet. If there’s nothing in your area that peaks their interest, host a movie afternoon at home complete with popcorn and all the movie-theatre fixings.

4. Paint the town red. Recharge at the spa with your little glamour girl for mom and tot manicures and pedicures. If she’s still too little to get the real deal, ask for a simple polish on her fingers and toes.

5. Be exposed. Love ethnic food but afraid the kids will balk at sushi or Pad Thai? Spend an afternoon learning about the culture before exposing them to the cuisine. It’ll be a fun family project that’ll expand their palates and their minds.

6. Get wired. You know your kids love video games, so why not indulge them and make it a family game day? They’ll love watching you learning the notes of Guitar Hero and you’ll love the workout you get from Dance Dance Revolution.

7. Be sweet. Spend the day in the kitchen decorating delectable cakes, cookies and cupcakes with yummy icing and edible treats.

8. Have a ball. Try an afternoon of bowling to get the fun rolling with your brood. Check to see if you local alley offers glow-in-the-dark bowling; it will be a special hoot for your little ones.


9. Be creative. Inspire your tot to be a photojournalist for the week by capturing all of his March break activities on camera and creating a journal of his pictures. Allowing him full control of the camera (or his own disposable) will inspire some truly magnificent shots.

10. Break the rules. Stay in your PJs all day, have ice cream for breakfast, eat breakfast for dinner, stay up well past bedtime! Kids need routine, but breaking out of the rut every once in a while is good for the soul.


Starting March 9, kids 12 and under can ride free on all GO trains and GO buses. That means more adventures for you and your family!

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10 March break activity ideas (that won't break the bank!)

This article was originally published on Feb 13, 2008

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