You've gotta see this vertically challenged grandma fall into baby's crib

Watch as this sweet old granny takes co-sleeping to a whole other level.

Getting a sleeping baby into a crib without waking her is a feat worthy of a gold medal. And when you’re short, this challenge becomes near impossible. Just ask this granny who tried really hard to gently place her sleeping grand-baby in the crib.

First she stands on a stool to give herself a little height, but she clearly underestimates how deep the crib really is. While bending to place her little one at the bottom, she tumbles headfirst into the crib with the baby in her arms.

Now that’s a bedtime routine you don’t see everyday. Lucky for us, the hilarious grandchild and grandma synchronized crib dive was caught on the video baby monitor. You can hear Dad laughing in the background—hopefully he went in to help after he recovered from his giggles.

Thankfully grandma and baby weren’t hurt during the fall. But sadly the baby did wake up. Back to the rocking chair, Grandma!

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