You've got to read this 9-year-old's hilarious, dramatic letter to her mom

She'd rather be sold on eBay than clean her room.

We can all agree that kids can be a little dramatic, especially in the heat of an argument. And nowhere is this drama best captured than in the self-pitying letters kids write their parents—like the one this mom blogger received from her daughter after a squabble about cleaning her room.

Mom Sarah Turner posted the note on her blog's Facebook page, The Unmumsy Mum, with a caption detailing the argument: nine-year-old Ellie refused to tidy her room and said she'd rather be sold on eBay than be part of the family anymore. Her mom then responded saying that no one would buy her because of her bad behaviour, and Ellie really took it to heart, hence the letter. Dramatic? Check. Hilarious? Hell yes. That's why this note has since gone viral and currently has over 6K likes and 322 shares.

The note reads like this:

"Dear Mum,

Yes, I agree I was mean to you and did very wrong. I am very sorry, but the fact that I am poorley and wanted to rest has just flew out the window [sic]. I am sorry, but the fact that you said no one would buy me really shattered my heart. At least now I know how ashamed you are of me. All my love, Ellie.”

Right in the feels. But the thing is, we all know this is just one major guilt trip. When the comments on the post started pouring in, many decided to post their own kids' dramatic letters. Popular excerpt include "Go away," "I'm the saddest I could be," "Say goodbye forever" and many more every parent can relate to.

Have you been the recipient of a dramatic letter? Leave us a comment below or tweet us @Todaysparent!

This article was originally published on Jul 19, 2016

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