Boy writes sweet poem about living with Aspergers

Homework assignments aren't usually so touching, but this one made us tear up.

Photo: National Autism Association via Facebook

Photo: National Autism Association via Facebook

Benjamin, 10, was given a school assignment to write a poem called “I Am.” His teacher gave him 18 pre-written prompts including “I see,” and “I feel” and his job was to fill in the blanks. The resulting poem was a touching glimpse into what it feels like to live with Aspergers.

The simple, handwritten poem expresses some pretty big emotions. Benjamin feels odd and out of place. He doesn’t want to feel sad, he doesn’t like being laughed at and wonders if others feel different, too. He also hopes that one day he’ll fit in. While the words are heartbreaking, the poem also embraces and celebrates being different.

“I am odd, I am new. I understand now that so are you,” writes Benjamin.

His mom posted the poem on the National Autism Association’s Facebook page to share her son’s sweet words with the world. Keep being you, Benjamin!

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