You have to watch this toddler freak out when her mom gets home

"My daughter always gets super excited when my wife gets home from work," wrote a dad on Reddit. "Today, I finally got it on video."

For most of their lives, your kids’ reaction to you coming home will be either an immediate demand for food or no acknowledgement at all. But in their early years, your children are actually super excited to see you. A dad on Reddit captured his young daughter’s adorable reaction when her mom pulled up in the driveway, and the clip has since gone viral.

My daughter always gets super excited when my wife gets home from work. Today, I finally got it on video. from r/aww

As she hears her mom coming in, the two-year-old does a hilariously cute stomp/clap/wiggle excited dance, with a huge smile plastered on her face, then runs to greet her mother the second she steps in the door, hugging her, while yelling “mama” the whole time.

Meme of kid that says when you think you been working for four hours and it's only been seventeen minutesWhen your cute kid becomes a viral meme “She totally did not do that when I got home,” her father says in the video. In a comment on the Reddit post, he added that “she literally does this every day.” The video has been up-voted more than ten thousand times since it was posted on Jan 23.

So take heart, parents, and know that for at least a while, your kids will be happy when you come home to them.

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