Dad's home with baby, Photoshop hilarity ensues

All this mom wanted was a proper update about how her baby was doing at home with dad. Instead, she got shots of her kid at a strip joint.

Photo: Man vs Baby on Facebook Photo: Man vs Baby on Facebook

As a mom, it can be hard to return to work and leave baby behind after maternity leave is over. So we can't blame UK mom Lyndsay Coyne for checking in with her husband, Matt Coyne, to see how their baby Charlie was faring without her. But we also can't blame Matt, the man behind the blog Man vs Baby, for having a bit of a laugh at his wife's expense.

With great Photoshop skills and an even greater sense of humour, Matt sent his wife photos to reassure her that Charlie was in good care. He recently posted the results of the conversation on his Facebook page.

Man vs Baby on Facebook Man vs Baby on Facebook

Instead of getting a reassuring answer and sweet pictures of napping or playing, she gets a photo of her husband and baby with a beer at a local pub, Wetherspoons. Then, Matt says the pub is "a bit dead" so they moved on to a strip club—and he sends a picture of him and the baby with a pole dancer in the background. Although "the daytime dancers are a bit rough," he text explains, it's "2 for 1 on bottles." So why not?

After asking a third time for a proper picture and receiving one of Charlie being shot out of a cannon, the patient mama loses her cool. “I swear just one more and I am coming home to punch u in the testicles.”

Let’s just hope that Matt had the good sense to avoid getting punched by giving her a straight answer—and that he was able to do so before his phone died. (Seriously—that 1% is really stressing us out.)

This article was originally published on May 10, 2016

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