Would you help your teen with her interactive baby? This mom just laughed

It only took a weekend of mothering fake baby William to leave this teen "crying real tears"—and all her mom could do was LOL and share the highlights.

Would you help your teen with her interactive baby? This mom just laughed

Photo: Lawren Cole Galloway via Facebook

Remember sitting on the edge of the bed (or couch, in this case) in the middle of the night with a fussy baby on your lap just longing for sleep? Need a visual reminder? You typically used one hand to support your baby’s head and the other to prop up your own, which is absolutely necessary after waking up a number of times to attend to a newborn’s many needs.

Fast forward and your former babe is now a teenager whose Early Childhood Education class has assigned her an interactive baby for the weekend. Much like when she was wee, this pretend infant needs feeding, burping, changing and to be soothed when crying—and she's supposed to handle it all on her own.

So here’s the big question every parent needs to answer: Do you come to your teenager's rescue if they ask? Lawren Cole Galloway found it hilarious when her daughter Olivia pleaded for help, and she happily shared the highlights on Facebook.

“My favorite moment so far is when she came into my room last night around 3 am. She was crying real tears while feeding him his bottle,” Lawren wrote. “She was begging me to help her because she just wanted to get some sleep. Yeah, no.”

Along with Lawren’s funny, tough-love caption is a side-by-side picture of the fake but adorable baby named William in a car seat and a sleep-deprived Olivia in the infamous middle-of-the-night mom position. She even has the ubiquitous new-mother messy bun happening. Take a look:

“She’s had him since Friday night. She is absolutely exhausted and ready to quit the class and give William back. (Maybe even throw him back) It’s definitely been a learning experience,” Lawren wrote.

Who would have thought having a baby for the weekend could be this rough? *Every parent ever raises your hand*

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