Will Ferrell is all of us in this PSA about device-addicted parents

Darkly comic ads are part of Common Sense Media’s #DeviceFreeDinner campaign to encourage parents to put. Down. Their. Phones.

Let’s be honest, your kids aren’t the only ones obsessed with devices. And if you’ve ever been guilty of sneaking a peek at your smartphone during quality family time, especially at the dinner table, then this PSA will shame you real good.

In a series of darkly comic ads for U.S. nonprofit group Common Sense Media’s #DeviceFreeDinner campaign, comedian Will Ferrell stars as an absurdly distracted dad. The short clips feature quaint scenes of a family dinner and the family’s awkward attempts  to get dad to engage while he mindlessly “likes” everything in his social media feed and takes stupid selfies.

Boy looking at tablet
This is the average screen time for kids. How do your kids measure up?

One ad opens with a scene of the mom and her three kids—no father in sight—asking her sweeties what’s wrong. They start confessing how much they miss their dad, only to start fighting about who misses him more. Then the camera pans to Ferrell, who was on one end of the table all along, glued to his smartphone screen, still not making eye contact with anyone as he says: “Hey, hey everyone, shut up. This filter makes me look like a cat. It’s so funny, it’s making me cry.” Sad but true, get it?

The message reflects some disturbing stats about screen time and its impact on relationships and family life, because when it comes to kids addicted to their screens, it’s kind of our fault. Feeling guilty yet?

Watch the PSA ads below. Giggle. Then put. The. Freaking. Phone. Down. 

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