Why get a dog when you have your neighbour’s dog to keep you company?

This adorable video of a toddler and his neighbour’s dog playing fetch will melt your heart

And the friendliest neighbour award goes to…none other than this baby’s new four-legged friend!

Chad Nelson recently posted a video on Facebook of his two-year-old playing a game of fetch with his neighbour’s dog which instantly went viral. For a tiny toddler, his throws were epic. And don’t forget to turn your sound on; you definitely don’t want to miss his cute attempt at saying “throw it to me please!”

Check it out:

So far, the clip has gotten almost 8.5 million views on Facebook and a little over 11 million views on Twitter—no surprise there. This clip is just TOO ADORABLE!

When dogs go from being man’s best friend to baby’s best friend, you know there’s something special about them.

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