This adorable commercial about #DadsWhoPlayBarbie is giving us all the feels

"Sundays are always football, and now that gets interrupted with a little, uh, Barbie time."

Aww. Have you seen the super-cute commercial about dads who are devoted to spending more time with their daughters, even if that means playing Barbies with them? The ad is part of Mattel’s “You Can Be Anything” campaign and shows dads role-playing along, whether it’s using Barbies to play teacher, astronauts, doctor or firefighter.

It starts off with the dads describing the “typical” guy stuff—OK, stereotypical guy stuff—they usually do, like dirt biking and watching football on Sundays, but then shows how important it is to prioritize playing pretend with their daughters: “Time spent in her imaginary world is an investment in her real world.”

While the footage is full of some pretty sweeping gender assumptions (um, plenty of little boys love playing Barbie, too! And not all dads are macho sports fans, obviously), we love that it’s a more nuanced and accurate portrait of modern fatherhood than just Little League games and fishing trips. The takeaway message for dads is an important one: playing with dolls doesn’t make you any less of a man. (For context, it should be noted that the ad aired during the NFL playoff games last Sunday.)

As it turns out, beautiful daddy-daughter moments are pretty heart-melting. After seeing the commercial, parents shared some of their own sweet photos normalizing #DadsWhoPlayBarbie.

Now, who’s going to make an ad celebrating all the tireless moms who play with their kids every day?!

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