Watch this seven-year-old tell his little sister why she doesn't need a boyfriend

This seven-year-old tells his five-year-old sister, "You got so many things to do... and you're worried about some boyfriend!"

“You got so many things to do… and you’re worried about some boyfriend!”

This is the no-nonsense message seven-year-old Marley McNeill delivered to his five-year-old sister Brooklyn in a video their mom posted to her Instagram last week—and it’s frikkin’ adorable.

Big brothers are known for being a bit overprotective of their little sisters, but this kind of lecture seems better suited to their teen years. However, when Brooklyn’s mom asked her about the boy she was dating from class (news that was jokingly relayed during a parent-teacher conference), Marley was quick to jump in with an adorably passionate speech about why she doesn’t have time for a boyfriend.

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“You don’t even know how to write your name right,” Marley tells his sister. “You need to practice on your Zs and Ss. DUH.” He goes on with a priority list that includes working on her shapes, handwriting, math and “all that stuff,” which makes sense considering one of Marley’s duties is helping his little sis with her homework.

“Don’t be rollin’ your eyes and getting all chitty-chat-chat,” Marley says when his sister is obviously not having any of it. “This is the time to tell your truth!”

When your brother doesn’t approve for you to have a boyfriend @mcneillkids2

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While he may come off a bit bossy, we love that Marley isn’t just looking out for his sister because she likes a boy—he wants her to focus on becoming an educated, independent person first. This is important stuff!

Their mom, Jasmine, told Babble that emotional speeches aren’t uncommon with her kids. “They have absolutely no filter when it’s time to express their feelings. They’re taught to be authentic and free but respectful,” said Jasmine. “He might’ve came off strong to others, but his sister and I know it’s all love.”

We’re fairly certain this isn’t the last time Marley will lecture Brooklyn. He might consider making some kind of motivational video series. As for Brooklyn, girl, good luck to you and all your future crushes.

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