Watch this pregnant news anchor's water break live on air

This news anchor totally kept her cool as her water broke live on air. You have to see the exact moment when she finds out she's going into labour.

Talk about breaking news!

NBC news anchor Natalie Pasquarella started her new life as a boss lady mom when her water unexpectedly broke in the middle of a live broadcast on Tuesday night.

In the video, Pasquarella lets out a small nervous giggle at the moment her water breaks,. But instead of stopping the broadcast as many people might have, she keeps her calm and continues as if nothing had happened. Little did her colleagues at the desk know that her baby decided it was the perfect time to begin his journey into the world—even if it was about a month too early.

After finishing the broadcast like a total pro, Pasquarella told the crew that she had just gone into labour and was rushed to the hospital. There, she laboured for 13 hours and eventually popped out a cute little baby boy.


Going into labour as tens of thousands of people watch you must have been super stressful, but Pasquarella stayed impressively cool under pressure—a skill that will for sure come in handy during the next few years. We wish the best of luck to her and her husband…but if she can handle mom-life the way she handled this situation, she might not really need it.

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