Watch this nativity play go so wrong when the sheep goes rogue

Let's just say there's a toddler headlock. This nativity play was no silent night.

Watch this nativity play go so wrong when the sheep goes rogue

Photo: Tana Benson via Facebook

Jesus's birth may have been on a silent night, but all was not calm and bright when this church's nativity play was hilariously derailed by a little sheep who decided to take matters into her own hands, er, hooves.

Tennessee mom Tana Benson recently posted a video to Facebook of her daughter snatching Baby Jesus away from the manger while the choir of children sang "Away in a Manger." (Ironic, eh?)

Here's the play-by-play: Two-year-old Teegan Benson is dutifully sitting on stage when she apparently decides Baby Jesus needs some TLC. The rule was that the kids in the play couldn't touch the baby, but this little lamb isn't having it—skin-to-skin contact is good for newborns, right? So Teegan snatches the blanket off and pulls the doll out of the box. After grabbing Jesus, she steps to centre stage, blocking the whole nativity scene and rocking the doll back and forth while her fellow actors look around in stunned silence. 

After a few seconds of glory and some giggles from the audience, the three-year-old who is playing Mother Mary decides enough is enough and grabs the doll back. This pint-sized momma isn't about to let a sheep steal her baby.

Here's where it gets really good: Mary and the sheep lock in a tiny tug-of-war, with Mary trying to lay Jesus back down in the manger and Teegan attempting to keep her hold on the doll. Mary wins the first round, but the second Jesus is peacefully back in his makeshift bed, Teegan plucks him right out again.

As she scurries stage-left, Mary, who is apparently a stickler for the rules, intervenes and puts her in a headlock! (OK, it's more of a hug from behind, but still basically escalates things to an all-out brawl.)

The adults finally intervene, but we're kinda glad they waited a bit before doing so. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to witness what was probably the most lively nativity scene ever. Watch the whole saga unfold below:


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