You've gotta see the most unintentionally hilarious Christmas pageant prop

This pageant is lit.

By Davina Sinnatamby

Three kids dressed as the wise men. Photo: andherewestand via Reddit

These three little wise men seem pretty pleased to show off their blinged-out gift boxes, but when you look closely, it's suddenly clear that one of these things is not like the other. Reddit user andherewestand posted this hilarious gem of a photo captioned, "An interesting prop for the Christmas pageant, Johnny," and we, like several other Reddit users, were highly amused.

We're guessing Johnny's poor frazzled mom must have left her pageant costume-making to the last minute and while trying to find the perfect prop, she may have accidentally confused myrrh with myrrhijuana. To be fair, it does look a lot like a vase.

Thankfully, we're pretty sure the little king has no idea what he's holding or that he's the reason the pageant was lit. And the audience must have got a good laugh too. We bet they thought the show was dope.

This article was originally published on Nov 23, 2016