Watch these kids take a photo with Halloween's version of Santa

This truly is the real nightmare before Christmas.

Lots of parents love taking their kids to the mall for a fun holiday photo with the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. So how come there’s no version of that for Halloween? Many Halloween lovers would argue that, in the holiday hierarchy, Halloween is definitely up there and deserves its own photo-op mascot. So Jimmy Kimmel decided to fix that by giving kids the chance to take “Santa pictures” with Halloween’s brightest star: Michael Myers.

Yup, who better for kids to take a cute holiday photo with than the pure evil serial killer from the Halloween film franchise? I mean, the title of the slasher movie series is literally Halloween, so of course he’s the man for the job. And as you can guess, the kids’ reactions are beyond hilarious.

Take a look.

Now, let’s be real, we wouldn’t want to take part in this photoshoot ourselves, but kudos to these kids for even going in there (and especially to the little one who smiled the whole time and gave him a hug—it’s love that he definitely doesn’t deserve).

Creepy doll looking through the windows on a door Doll in the Hall is the creepiest Elf on the Shelf parodyWhile this joke was lots of fun to watch, it makes you wonder if this is how some kids feel about taking a photo with Santa. Granted, Santa isn’t wearing a creepy mask with no eyes, but he is a big strange man with a loud “jolly” laugh, and that can be pretty frightening for some children.

Either way, local malls could probably take a cue from Jimmy Kimmel. Halloween deserves a fun photo-op too, and we’re sure there are other Halloween-obsessed families out there who would totally love a chance like this—we’ll just keep our distance from the masked killer.

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