10 things to watch on Netflix Canada with the kids this Halloween

Get into costume, gather your crew and grab the snacks. These mostly scary flicks are worthy of a family watch this Halloween on Netflix.

10 things to watch on Netflix Canada with the kids this Halloween

Photo: Netflix

Curl up on the couch with your bite-size treats and watch one of these frightful flicks. Many are geared toward older kids, but use your discretion for what's appropriate for your brood.

10 things to watch on Netflix Canada with the kids this Halloween Photo: Netflix

Hotel Transylvania (and Hotel Transylvania 2)

Best for: Ages 7+ The gang's all here for both instalments of the popular franchise. Adam Sandler voices Dracula—you know, the famous vampire who wants to suck your blood. But he's also an overbearing dad who frets over his daughter, Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez), and runs a hotel filled with every monster and ghoul you can think of.

Promo image for the Goosebumps tv show. shows an illustrated haunted house surrounded by green clouds, bats and dead trees Photo: Netflix

Goosebumps (Seasons 1-4 + Specials)

Best for: Ages 10+ The series based on the still-popular books from the '90s is available in all of its gory glory with monsters, mummies, dummies and camps straight outta your nightmares.

Promo image for the movie Coraline. shows an animated girl with blue hair standing with her arms folded across her chest and a scraggly black cat by her feet Photo: Netflix


Best for: Ages 9+ When a little girl who is bored with her ordinary life finds a secret door to another world, she finds out that things aren't always better on the other side. Sometimes they're downright sinister.

Promo image for the movie Monster House. Shows three kids standing in front of a spooky looking house that looks to be alive. Photo: Netflix

Monster House

Best for: Ages 10+ Every neighbourhood has a creepy house, right? Two boys have noticed that their local spook joint does something very peculiar: It eats people. They want to warn everyone. The trouble is no one believes them.

Promo image for the show Ghost Patrol on Netflix. Shows two kids and a dog standing in front of a spooky looking mansion. Photo: Netflix

Ghost Patrol

Best for: Ages 7+ When two kids and their dog investigate an old manor, they soon realize that it's a haunted house!

Promo image for Super Monsters Save Halloween showing monsters dancing at a halloween party Photo: Netflix

Super Monsters Save Halloween


Best for: Ages 4+ The Super Monsters are ready to get in the Halloween spirit and use their powers to show their nervous friend that there's nothing to be afraid of.

Promo image for the movie ParaNorman. shows an animated boy holding a book and smirking with his friends standing behind him Photo: Netflix


Best for: Ages 10+ Norman isn't like the other kids at school—mostly because he can see dead people. When a centuries-old curse means that a wicked witch will wake and resurrect an army of zombies, it's up to Norman to save his small town.

Casper the friendly ghost looks at a girl while wearing a chef's hat. The Casper movie logo is in the corner Photo: Netflix


Best for: Ages 8+ Everyone's favourite friendly ghost finds camaraderie with a little girl who moves into a haunted house with her paranormal-investigating pops.

Promo image for Shrek's Swamp Stories. Shows shrek, donkey and friends standing behind an green letter S with Shrek's ears Photo: Netflix

Shrek's Swamp Stories

Best for: Ages 6+ Ogres don't get scared; they do the scaring. So Donkey, Puss in Boots, that gingerbread man, the apathetic wolf and all the other goofy characters create a competition to see who can tell the scariest story—and maybe even frighten Shrek.

A swamp monster, cricket scientist and a blob monster are being attacked by mutant carrots Photo: Netflix

DreamWorks Spooky Stories (Vol 1 &2)

Best for: Ages 6+ Join some of the characters from your favourite DreamWorks movies as they embark in tons of spooky fun in this collection of cute animated shorts.


This article was originally published on Oct 10, 2018

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