Watch what happens when you hand a baby a raw egg—it's not what you expect!

Letting a baby hold a fragile egg seems like a pretty bad idea—so obviously moms and dads on TikTok are all trying it. The results are so surprising!

By Kevin John Siazon

Watch what happens when you hand a baby a raw egg—it's not what you expect!

Photo: @heathermundey via TikTok

All parents know that when you hand something to a baby or toddler, chances are pretty high that they'll immediately chuck it. It's not their fault; throwing things is fun, and to be fair, it's a good way for them to get the hang of those important gross motor skills.

However, this mom on TikTok heard that if you give a baby an egg, they'll instinctually be gentle with it. So like any mom of the internet, she decided to give it a try for herself and post the adorable—and unexpected!—results for everyone to see. Take a look.

Turns out most babies will be gentle with a raw egg in their hand. Who knew? As expected, the video caught the attention of more moms who just had to try it out on their own babies, and we're so glad they did because the videos are almost too adorable to handle.

Check out our faves, which are only a handful of the many clips found under the hashtag #babyandegg.

@mrsramos1215I was shocked! She normally throws everything she touches##babyandegg♬ original sound - cassandranguyen981

Look how excited this little one is:

This mom was prepared for a mess, but turns out she didn't need it:

This little guy even fell while holding his egg, and he still didn't break it

Of course, while most babies were gentle with the egg, some were... not so gentle. Remember what we said about gross motor skills?

So, if you have a baby at home, would you give them an egg to see if they'll be gentle with it? Or are you like, "Nuh-uh, groceries only happen once a week on quarantine and I'm not here for the potential mess."?

If you're the former, just make sure to wash the outside of the shell first because there's a risk of salmonella being present on the egg shelland as you can see from the videos, lots of babies' first instinct is to put the egg right in their mouth. Or better yet, hard boil the egg first—that way, bacteria on the outside is killed before they can lick it. Plus, if they do smash it, there's less mess and they can have a snack! Triple win!

P.S. No babies in the house anymore? If you have a dog, apparently it works with them too! Give it a go!

This article was originally published on May 28, 2020

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