Moms are flashing their babies—and their reactions are adorable

Yup, you read that right, moms are randomly showing their babies their boobs, and the reactions are equal parts cute and hilarious!

By Today's Parent
Moms are flashing their babies—and their reactions are adorable

Photo: @devine.rose via TikTok

Who doesn't need a little more happiness in their life right now? We know we do! Luckily the babies of TikTok are here to answer the call with their adorable reactions to their moms showing them what they most truly desire: the boob.

Yup, moms on the popular social media platform are flashing their breastfed babes and sharing videos of their little ones' excited reactions, which range from gummy smiles and wide eyes to very fast crawling and miraculously taking their first steps! Who knew a boob could have such power? (Spoiler alert: moms didmoms knew.)

The TikTok trend is being called the #DropEmOutChallenge, which is in reference to Drop 'Em Out, a rather lewd country song by Wheeler Walker Jr. that plays in the background of the videos. Quick disclaimer: when we say "rather lewd," we mean that it's a pretty gross song about a creepy dude telling women to show him their breasts, and it includes the lyrics: "areolas lookin' nice / nipples lookin' real pretty/ come on, let me gander at your boobs." So while breasts should be seen as wondrous, life-giving, and worthy of celebration in a non-sexual way, we won't blame ya if you watch the following clips without the sound. We sure did, and they're still beyond adorable. Take a look:

@morganelizabethgo0Tried the whole letting your breastfed baby see your boobs thing..I think she was hungry. ##dropemoutchallenge ##15monthsold ##fypage ##keepingbusy♬ Drop 'Em Out - Wheeler Walker Jr.

That squirm!


@meganho_3The show your breastfed baby your boob challenge gone..... SO RIGHT! ##momcontent ##boymom ##normalizebreasfteeding ##dropemout♬ original sound - meganho_3

That's one way to motivate your kid to start walking!

And our favourite:


Now, this TikTok trend also stems from a similar challenge where people—not to be heteronormative, but mostly girlfriends—would walk into a room naked while their partners—again, mostly boyfriends—were busy playing video games. Because the naked person is behind the camera, nothing is shown, but the partner's reactions were usually hilarious. Well, some moms doing the #DropEmOutChallenge got their partners in the shot as well and let's just say their reactions were equally funny (but not as cute as the babies, amiright?). Take a look:

So what do you think? If you're currently nursing, would you do this challenge? You can always film it for posterity and resurface it when your kid is older, in which you wouldn't even need to play that awful song, right? And if anything the video may be a funny keepsake to remind you of these fleeting breastfeeding days, because before you know it, they'll only react that eagerly to a new toy or a plate of dino nuggets. *sigh* Such is life.

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