This teacher's sweet funeral request will melt your heart

Teachers are the best, aren't they?

This teacher's sweet funeral request will melt your heart

Photo: @DrBradJohnson via Twitter

It's no secret that teachers don't get into the profession for the money. At the rate they're paid, it's pretty clear they do it for the love of teaching kids and shaping young minds. Tammy Waddell, a teacher from Georgia, recently passed away and her dying wish is proof of this commitment to her profession.

According to local news, Waddell died in early June from cancer and made a special request for her funeral arrangements. In lieu of flowers at the ceremony, she requested that people bring backpacks full of school supplies to donate to kids in need. How sweet is that?

The tweet, which was posted by her cousin Brad Johnson and has over 15,000 likes and shows a picture of the chapel filled with backpacks set down along the aisle. Check it out below.

Are you crying, yet?

About a hundred of Waddell's teacher co-workers from over the years acted as honorary pall-bearers during the funeral, carrying the backpacks out and back to their respective schools to give to those kids in need in honour of Waddell. Take a look.


You can tell that Waddell was a special teacher who had a huge impact on the people in her life, and with this selfless gesture, she'll continue to have an impact on the lives of those kids in need. So cheers to you, Tammy. As Johnson said in his tweet, you really are a teacher to the end.

This article was originally published online in June 2018.

This article was originally published on Jun 29, 2021

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