This sweet little boy just restored our faith in humanity

This adorable little busker just wanted to help out in any way he could.

Sometimes kids do something that is so simple and innocent it just gets you right in the heart (other times they make you want to rip your hair out, but that’s another story). This little boy from Texas recently took to the sidewalk with his keyboard in tow to raise money after he found out his teacher’s dad had cancer—and the sign he wrote is absolutely adorable.

His teacher’s sister, Annie Denver, recently tweeted about his little act of kindness when she heard the story. Take a look:

Isn’t that just the cutest thing? Take a closer look at his handwritten sign and you might notice that he crossed out “caser” and replaced it with “Caser.” We figure it’s supposed to say cancer, but even though it’s spelled wrong, a girl hugging an friend who is crying Kids and kindness: Can you teach compassion?it’s cute that he went through the trouble to make the fix (guess he must’ve heard people referring to it as the Big C. At least this means his teacher is doing a good job teaching her class the whole capital letters thing).

Denver’s tweet has been shared about 22,000 times and has almost 70,000 likes. As well, a screenshot of the tweet posted on the subreddit /r/MadeMeSmile has been upvoted about 20,000 times.

Obviously, we think this little busker has a heart of gold, and while 12 bucks may not seem like much, we’re sure it meant the world to Denver and her sister. So keep rockin’ little guy, it’s folks like you that remind us that this world isn’t such an awful place after all.

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