This post office helped a 4-year-old mail a cake to her mom in heaven

Everyone deserves a cake on their birthday, right?

Everyone knows that cake is an important part of a birthday celebration, which is why 4-year-old Bella Graham was really worried when she thought her late mother wouldn’t have a cake to celebrate with in heaven.

Little boy with glasses sitting on a sidewalk with his keyboard This sweet little boy just restored our faith in humanityBella, who lives with her grandmother Laura Fisher, lost her mother two years ago, after a brief illness. “Bella and I talk about her mommy all the time,” Fisher told Babble. “We were talking about mommy’s birthday parties when she was little, and she asked if Mommy would have a birthday cake in heaven.”

Fisher told Bella that she wasn’t sure but said they can make a cake and see if the post office could mail it to heaven. Luckily Fisher, who owns her own bakery, is close with the staff at the local post office staff, since she sees them often for her work. When she asked if they would help with Bella’s project, she said they were happy to oblige.

Fisher posted a picture of the birthday package on Facebook with a thank you note to the post office staff for going “above and beyond to make sure it gets delivered.” The box was addressed to “Mommy in heaven” and was decorated with hand-drawn flowers. Take a look:

I had a very special cake order today…Bella and I made her mommy a cake for her birthday and we took it to the post office and mailed it to Heaven…

Posted by Lulu's Cupcakes & More on Monday, April 30, 2018

Isn’t that sweet? She said the post office staff made it extra special by opening up a special line for Bella, treating her like a real customer and outfitting the package with appropriate stamps. “As soon as we walked away I could see a big difference in Bella,” Fisher said. “It was really weighing on her little mind, but once we the cake was mailed, she got a big smile on her face.”

So props to Fisher and the post office staff for making this little girl’s worries disappear. It may have seemed like a small gesture, but it probably meant the world to Bella. We’re sure that wherever she is, her mommy is looking down and smiling—hopefully while eating a piece of that cake.

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