This mom totally set up her husband for a puke attack

Most moms can probably guess what happened when this dad played airplane with his baby after a feed. But he didn't see it coming.

This mom totally set up her husband for a puke attack

Photo: Lauren Eastham video

A dad just had one of the grossest, yet most hilarious moments of being a new father. And his wife totally saw it coming.

UK dad Aiden Cameron, 35, was innocently playing airplane with his 13-week-old baby, Ronnie, when things took a turn. After round one of zooming Ronnie through the air, Cameron asked if his son wanted another go at it. Ronnie, who had just been fed, got lifted up for round two—and puked on his dad mid-air.

Cameron turned his head to the side but couldn't avoid the spit-up situation completely.

The baby's mom, 28-year-old Lauren Eastham, filmed the whole thing on her cellphone. She knew what was going to happen but decided not to warn Cameron. "Aiden didn't realize. He was playing with him and I knew exactly what was going to happen. I thought, 'I’ve got to get this on camera,'" she told the Manchester Evening News.

You can hear Eastham hysterically laughing while focusing the camera on Cameron and then on Ronnie's slightly messy but totally satisfied face.

"Aidan moved so quickly—it was so close to going in his mouth. I was in hysterics, he was so embarrassed, but more because of what he was wearing and he knew I’d put it on Facebook straight away, which I did.”

Watch the whole thing go down here.


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