Nobody got time for a cake smash! Here's the ultimate lazy mom alternative

Because cake smashes are so basic now.

By Emily Rivas

Nobody got time for a cake smash! Here's the ultimate lazy mom alternative

Photo: Lyndsey's Photo Co.

The cake smash has undoubtedly become a baby rite of passage. As soon they turn one, out comes a carefully decorated, gluten-free, low-sugar, low-sodium cake ready for them to destroy, all for the sake of a cute photo. But let's be real here: Cake baking and decorating takes a lot of time. Was all your hard labour (or hard-earned dollars) really worth it? Do you really want to add yet another photo to a long-winded Instagram feed of babies covered in smashed cake?

Lots of moms can't be bothered with it anymore—because why spend all that time and/or money on an Insta-worthy cake when you can just go to Tim Hortons, buy a box of donuts and stack them to make them look like a cake.

Wait, what? Donuts?

Yep, donuts. When photographer Lyndsey Wright started noticing how redundant cake smashes were getting, she decided to branch out into a different dessert—and the results are pretty adorable. For one, donuts are arguably cuter than cake. They're cheaper, too. And the mess factor is reduced compared to cake. We think Lyndsey is on to something here. Could the donut smash be the new cake smash?

Baby enjoying a donut smash on her first birthday Photo: Lyndsey's Photo Co.

Baby's first birthday donut smash Photo: Lyndsey's Photo Co.

In addition to donuts, Wright has done a couple of other unusual "smashes," such as a taco smash, a BBQ smash and a Popsicle smash—which, you know, are probably not as aesthetically pleasing as a donut smash, but Wright argues that by using a food the baby enjoys, the photo shoot will be that much more successful.

Check out these other cute babies digging into some delicious donuts on their first birthday:

How perfect is our donut romper for a donut smash? Or should I say donut cake smash? A post shared by Little M Creations INC. (@littlemcreationsinc) on

Would you consider forgoing a cake smash in favour of a donut smash?

This article was originally published on Feb 22, 2017

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