This little boy did what everyone wishes they could do: stroke Prince Harry's beard

This kid saw the opportunity and ran with it. He may have been breaking royal protocol, but hey, he's just a kid—and he had a good reason!

By Kevin John Siazon

This little boy did what everyone wishes they could do: stroke Prince Harry's beard

Photo: @Studio10au via Twitter

Kids don't always have the firmest grasp on the rules, and sometimes when they break them in an adorable way, adults let things slide. This was the case when Australian five-year-old Luke Vincent gave Prince Harry's beard a gentle stroke during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's visit to his school in New South Wales the other day.

Now, the general etiquette when meeting the British royal family is no physical contact (in fact, even married couples like Harry and Meghan aren't technically allowed to hold hands during public engagements), but let's be real, when it comes to cute kids, those rules fly out the window. Luckily, their adorable interaction was filmed and posted to Twitter. Take a look:

Wasn't that adorable?

Besides the fact the beards can be fascinating to children (the texture is probably great for sensory input), Luke had another reason for reaching out to touch: He loves Santa. Yep, his school principal, Anne Van Darrel, explained in an interview with 7 News Sydney how Luke loves the big man in red, and because Santa has a beard, he was compelled to stroke Prince Harry's.

"[We] no touching,” Van Darrel said. “Definitely, I was very concerned once he started rubbing Prince Harry’s face and his hair, but Prince Harry was completely gracious and so polite, and realized what was happening with his infatuation with his beard. We can only thank him so much for treating Luke with such respect.”

Prince Harry didn't seem to mind, but hey, he's prepping to be a dad so he better get used to having little hands touching his face, right?

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