This is for those people who think having a dog is the same as having a kid

A lot of people feel like they know exactly what it's like to have kids because they have a dog or a cat. SNORT.

This is for those people who think having a dog is the same as having a kid

Photo: Juggling the Jenkins Blog via Facebook

Most parents have one: That childless friend who thinks they know exactly what it's like to have a baby at home, because they have a "fur baby."

Having pets is of course a big responsibility and the love people have for their animals is real. But comparing pet ownership to parenthood? Most moms and dad would give that a hard no.

That's what Juggling the Jenkins was thinking when she created a video showing what every mom with a human kid is thinking when a friend compares their pet to having a human child.

In the hilarious video, which was posted on Facebook and has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, Juggling the Jenkins plays the role of both herself and a friend of hers. When she complains (as herself) about how the rain tends makes her kids act crazy, her "friend," who doesn't have children, responds by saying, "Tell me about it... Tina and Baron hate the rain."

She then goes on to explain that Tina and Baron not "just dogs," they're her babies.

The rest of the video is a sketch of Juggling the Jenkins acting like her toddler is a dog—because of course, dogs are basically the same as children right? Uh, nope, not really. Parents don't leave their kids alone at home for hours at a time, they don't put them out in the backyard when they need to pee, and they certainly don't put them in a cage when they've been naughty.

Watch the rest of the video here:


And for parents out there who have both dogs and kids: We applaud you for your patience—and for knowing the difference between them.

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